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1. The agency

The agency Book-A-Flat specialises in furnished rentals of renovated apartments to French and foreign business clientele travelling for short-term professional reasons (minimum rental period of 12 months).

The agency’s portfolio features over 2,000 renovated apartments in the centre of Paris.

Its offices are located at 18, rue Volney in the Opéra neighbourhood. The agency holds a professional licence, registered under the number « Transactions » CPI 7501 2016 000 013 037 issued by the "Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie"

2. Tenancy agreements

The tenancy agreement is non-exclusive.

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The agreement covers a period of three months from the date of signature. When this initial period expires, it is extended for twelve months’ duration, automatically renewable up to a maximum of ten renewals.

We shall provide the non-exclusive agreement during our meeting. If you accept the tenancy conditions, your initials and signature will be required on the contract so that we may publish your apartment on the website.

3. Documents required

You must provide the following documents in order to secure the tenancy agreement:

  • proof of ownership: a copy of the sales deed or most recent property tax paid
  • a copy of an official identity document
  • bank details: your bank account details will be transferred to your future tenant for rent and caution payment
  • an inventory of furniture:
  • surveys: in accordance with French law, we will require a Diagnostic des Performances Energétiques/DPE, an Etat des Risques Naturels, Miniers et Technologiques/ERNMT, a Constat des Risques d'Exposition au Plomb/CREP (lead exposure survey) and a Diagnostic Amiante Privatif (asbestos survey)
  • your "règlement de copropriété"
  • proof of floor surface (in accordance with French property surface laws, Loi Carrez and Loi Boutin).

For your information, if you have not yet conducted these surveys, you may contact the following expert surveyors:

Christelle Valleran from DIAG' PARTNERS
01 56 04 19 04

4. Monthly rent

The rent (including building charges) is set by the owner. We can provide an estimate if you so wish.

This will be the net sum for the owner.

The tenant shall pay rent directly to the owner via bank transfer.

5. Organising visits

Most clients who contact us by mail or by telephone want to visit the apartments.

You should therefore provide the agency with a set of keys.

6. Photos

The photos that we take of your apartment are free of charge and the exclusive property of the agency.

You may acquire them for the sum of €180.

Photo Gallery of apartments to rent:

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7. Tenancy contract duration

We offer our clients 4 types of rental duration:

  • Rental from 1-2 months
  • Rental from 3-12 months
  • Rental period surpassing 12 months

As the owner, you can place your apartment for rent in one or all of these categories.

8. Internet, telephone and TV installation

We strongly recommend that you install internet in your apartment. The bundle is generally included in the cost of the rent, excluding extras that exceed the cost of the bundle. Any extras are at the tenant's expense.

9. Drafting the lease

We shall draft the leases to be signed and send them to the owner. We shall also transfer the payment of the deposit and first month’s rent, along with the tenant’s certificate of insurance.

10. Vetting documentation

For a complete tenancy application, we ask tenants to provide:

  • a copy of an official identity document
  • an employer certificate
  • 3 most recent payslips and tax declaration for employees
  • 2 most recent tax declarations if the tenant is a freelance worker.

The tenant’s monthly income must be equal to at least three times the cost of the rent. If this is not the case, and for any tenant that does not pay taxes in France, we require payment in advance, a bank guarantee for the total sum of rents, or a guarantor who can provide the above documents.

11. Paying the deposit

In order to ensure the contract is duly performed, the tenant shall settle the sum of one month's rent as a deposit for contracts of between one and five months' rental and two months' rent for contracts for six months and over.

12. Agency fees

If the apartment is a secondary residence for the tenant, rental fees are to be paid by the tenant. For information:

  • If the apartment is the tenant's main place of residency, in accordance with French law Alur of 27 March 2014, agency fees are shared between tenant and lessor as follows:
  • In the case of a second home, the owner's fees including this financial management will be 2.9% monthly (including 1.9% of the annual rent at the time of signing and then 1% per month). If you do not wish to take advantage of this monthly offer, these fees calculated over 12 months will be invoiced to you on the arrival of the tenant.
  • For the tenant: agency fees for services such as apartment visits, application processing and lease drafting are charged at 12€ per square metre (incl. VAT). For the owner: agency fees are charged at 6,25% (incl. VAT) of the annual rent.

13. Housing tax

Under French law, housing tax must be paid by the tenant occupying the property on 1 January.

14. Personal expenses at the tenant’s expense

Telephone, electricity and gas bills are to be paid by the tenant, unless otherwise indicated.

These expenses may be charged based on a set price that is included in the monthly rent. For example: €1,500 + €100 for electricity/gas = €1,600 per month

15. Housekeeping / Provision of household linens required

Cleanliness is a priority for our agency and our clients.

The owner must organise for the apartment to be cleaned for the arrival of the tenant. Beds must be made with clean, ironed sheets.

The owner must personally ensure if possible that the apartment is impeccable.

The tenant must return the apartment in a similar condition when the outgoing inventory of fixtures is conducted.

If the apartment is not clean upon the tenant's departure, the owner may retain cleaning fees from the rental deposit.

16. Inventory

A joint inventory with both parties present must be conducted upon the tenant’s arrival and departure.

In accordance with French law Alur (main place of residence), fees for the incoming inventory are shared between the lessor and the tenant and the outgoing inventory is exclusively charged to the lessor (€ 3 incl.VAT/m2).

If the apartment is a secondary residence, the incoming and outgoing inventory fees will be charged to the owner.

We work with partners that can conduct the inventories:

  • Opéra Groupe 01 40 06 92 91 /
  • Laure-Hélène Bonzon 06 14 35 18 85 /
  • Charlotte Philippon 06 63 45 29 66 /

Do not hesitate to contact them for a quote.

17. Reimbursement of rental deposit

You must reimburse the tenant’s rental deposit within 1 month at most if the outgoing inventory conforms to the incoming inventory or within a maximum of 2 months if the outgoing inventory shows discrepancies with the incoming inventory. The date is to be counted from the end of the tenancy agreement and after the joint outgoing inventory and return of keys.

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18. Property management services

With Domus, our personalised management service, your property agent will:

Provide complete leasing management for your apartment as soon as it is rented

  • Visits with applicants, thorough assessment of applications and drafting of leases
  • Inventories
  • Name change for EDF/GDF electricity/gas meters

Ensure all tasks are taken care of for the duration of the rental

  • Collection of rent and rental deposit
  • Drafting of rental receipts and rent reminders, etc.
  • Administrative assistance: documents for tax declarations

Handle unforeseen events for you and takes care of

  • Insurance claims
  • Repairs and unpaid bills

Manage your property and inform you of the upkeep of your property. You will receive

  • Rent reminders and receipts
  • Management reports

Contact us to find out about our rates for the services you require.

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You can contact us by telephone at 01 47 03 14 20, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. The agency is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.