FAQ for tenants

Find out why so many people put their trust in Book-A-Flat.

  • 1. Visits
    • Please call us to take an appointment:+ 33 1 47 03 14 20
      Visits are free and limited to 3 apartments.

  • 2. Agency fees
      Be paid by the tenant:
      12 months rental : 13% annual rent VAT included
      Over 12 months rental : 13% annual rent VAT included

      LEASE FOR A LEGAL ENTITY (civil code)
      Be paid by the tenant:
      Over 12 months rental : 12% annual rent VAT included

      Be paid by the tenant - 15€/m² VAT included:
      12€/m² (visit, file’s constitution and drawing up of a lease)
      3€/m² (inventory fees if done by a service provider)
      Be paid by the owner:
      6,75 annual rent VAT included for a renewable lease
      Be paid by the owner: 4% annual rent VAT included

  • 3. Security deposit
    • The security deposit usually amounts to 2 months' rent.
      The security deposit is cashed by the landlord who will return it to the tenant within 2 months after the check-out.

  • 4. Paying for your rent
    • monthly payment (or advanced payment)
      - security deposit cashed by the landlord

  • 5. Quotation
    • We can email you a detailed overall quotation of the renting costs. Use the function "Request info" available on the advertisement for the related property, without forgetting to specify the duration required.

  • 6. Rental file
    • It is a file completed with all the documents proving the identity and the income of the potential tenant. Once completed, it is sent to the owner for approval. If the owner gives the go-ahead, we draft the lease.
      The following documents must be provided:

      Student/ Trainee
      - ID or passport's copy
      - Student ID's
      - School attestation's
      - Trainee agreement's copy
      - Bank details

      - ID or passport's copy.
      - Copy of your work attestation
      - Copy of your three last payslip's
      - Copy of your last tax assessment.
      - Bank details.

      - ID or passport's copy.
      - Copy of your two last tax assessment.
      - Copy of your registration certificate or equivalent.
      - Bank details.

      - Copy of less than 3 months old of the registration certificate.
      - ID or passport's copy of the signatory.
      - ID or passport's copy of the occupant(s).
      - Copy of the last balance sheet.
      - Bank details.

  • 7. Insurance
    • The tenant must take out a comprehensive household insurance before moving in the flat. This policy provides cover in the event of a fire, leak, theft, etc. All insurance companies and most banks offer such policies. If you would like to go through an insurance broker, we can put you in touch with our partner.

  • 8. Guarantees
    • Guarantor ("Caution solidaire"):
      It is a written commitment by a third party - generally a relative or close friend earning higher income than the tenant -which acts as a guarantee for the payment of rent.
      Some landlords require a guarantor.
      We provide the tenant a guarantee template to be copied and signed by the guarantor.
      Bank guarantee ("Garantie bancaire"):
      The tenant must set aside on a bank account a sum equivalent to the full rentalThis sum will be used as a guarantee if the tenant fails to pay for the rent.Some landlords require a bank guarantee.

  • 9. Electricity
    • Electricity is payable by the tenant.Either the tenant transfers the electricity contract into his/her name during the check-in, and pays for the electricity bills directly to the electricity provider.
      Or the owner decides on a rate, renegotiable at the end of the lease, and adds it to the tenant's monthly rent.
      Or the owner deducts the electricity fees from the security deposit after reading the electricity meter during the check-in and the check-out.

  • 10. Internet
    • Internet costs and telephone bills are personal expenses and as such payable by the tenant.
      The tenant signs up with a service provider in his/her name and pays the provider directly.
      The tenant can also pay the landlord a monthly rate added to the monthly rent.

  • 11. Ingoing and outgoing inventory
    • Ingoing inventory fee is payable by the tenant.
      It is carried out by an external provider.

  • 12. Problem with the apartment
    • An electricity blackout, an appliance breaking down, a leak, the Internet going down: what should you do?
      Please contact your landlord or his/her representative who will fix the problem.

  • 13. Extend your lease
    • Please call us on 0033 (0) 1 47 03 14 20. Some leases, although of fixed length, can be tacitly renewed. Others require that a new lease be drawn up and agency fees invoiced.